Woman fails to traverse icy sidewalk in viral video


A video has the internet crying with laughter after documenting one woman’s quest to cross an icy sidewalk that has some comparing her quest to 2020 as a whole.

In the video, presumably taken in Ukraine, several people are seen slipping down the sloping sidewalk before the hapless woman comes along, trying to traverse it.

One man, clinging to a wall, tries to help her several times before giving up and sliding away. The undeterred woman then tries crawling toward her destination of stairs before standing up and sliding back again.

Finally, the woman gives up and slips, slides and stumbles her way across a cobblestone street out of sight.

Comments included: “Some say she is still sliding to this day”; “I was having a pretty s–tty day, but this put a smile on my face. Well done sir.”; “LOL the person that tried helping them went “well I can’t do THIS all f–kin day…”; and “That was excellent. That made me happy. And now I feel like a really bad person.”