Woman Accused of Murder in ‘Horrible’ Samurai Sword Killing


Hannah Quinn


Hannah Quinn

Hannah Quinn, a woman accused along with her boyfriend in the samurai sword killing of a rapper, said she “freaked out” and “ran” during the incident. Quinn, 26, and her boyfriend, 31-year-old Blake Davis, were both charged with the murder of Jett McKee after he was struck in the head by a samurai sword on August 10, 2018, in Sydney, Australia.

Quinn and Davis’ trial has been taking place for a few weeks and on Monday, December 7, the jury was shown Quinn’s interview with police officers four days after the killing took place, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. Both Quinn and Davis have pleaded not guilty to the murder charge and argued they were acting in self-defense as they said McKee broke into their home and stole Quinn’s bag, according to Knewz.

Prosecutors have argued that after McKee tried to rob the couple with a pistol firing blanks, Quinn chased him from their home and tackled him before Davis approached and struck McKee in the head with a sword. The strike to the head proved fatal and the couple fled the scene, hiding out in hotels for a few days until they turned themselves in on August 13, the outlet reported.

Quinn Spoke to Police Officers for Around 6 Hours & Said She Was ‘Freaked Out’ by the Whole Incident

During her interview with police, Quinn said an armed man broke into their home and asked for money before punching her boyfriend in the face, grabbing her handbag and escaping, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. Quinn, who was emotional throughout the interview, said she was “really scared” because she said the man threatened her family and chased after him for her bag.

I managed to catch up to him and grab my bag and pull it towards me … he turned around to me and he tried to punch me, but I like stepped out of the way and he fell over, and was holding a gun up at me. I was just frozen. That’s when Blake [Davis] came up and hit him.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Quinn said after McKee was hit by the samurai sword, “there was blood everywhere and I just screamed. It’s just the most horrible thing that I’ve seen. I just saw blood.” She said all she could think was, “what the f***’s happened, what is happening.”

Quinn said she and Davis ran and she wasn’t in the right frame of mind to think of calling an ambulance, the outlet wrote. She said she was “traumatized” and “terrified” and was in shock at the entire situation. They said they ran because they were scared that others would be coming after them. She added that she saw Davis grab a bag and put their money and some weapons into it.

Quinn Is a Former Kindergarten Teacher Student & Davis Is an Actor But Both Have Been Described in Court by Prosecutors as ‘Drug Dealers’

Quinn was studying to become a kindergarten teacher and Davis is an actor, News.com.au reported. However, the court also heard that Davis and Quinn were “drug dealers,” according to the outlet. McKee, who was a 30-year-old aspiring rapper, punched Davis in the eye with brass knuckles before fleeing with Quinn’s bag, the jury learned.

The couple also apparently argued over McKee’s death, police discovered with the use of listening devices planted in their home, News.com.au wrote. Although the two agreed that Davis was the one who struck the fatal blow, they argued over whose fault it was that the incident occurred, the outlet shared, with Davis accusing Quinn: “You followed him out and pushed him over, you idiot, you set up the whole thing. You set it up … if it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be in this situation.”

In addition to the murder charge that both face, Quinn is also charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder. The trial is still ongoing.

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