Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Reveal Trailer for Sephiroth


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The One-Winged Angel! – Nintendo Switch

The Game Awards 2020 was full of exciting announcements, catchy performances, and rightful award winners.

The biggest reveal of all came when the next combatant making their way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate made their grand debut. To the shock of everyone, Cloud Strife’s fated rival will now be joining him and the rest of the game’s massive roster. Sephiroth and his insanely long Masamune Blade are now a part of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster. Final Fantasy VII’s ultimate baddie has an (unsurprisingly) badass moveset – he’s capable of pulling off devastating sword slashes, stab his blade into the wall to stay airborne, use a counter maneuver that’s activated via a magical shield, and cast powerful spells. Plus it appears that Sephiroth’s powers expand once his lone angel wing becomes exposed.

Sephiroth Super Smash Bros Ultimate


Sephiroth’s stage comes in the form of the final battle arena Cloud and his allies faced him in at the close of Final Fantasy VII. And as expected, his iconic (and fittingly haunting) theme song will come along for the ride. As for when everyone will get to wield Sephiroth’s overwhelming power for themselves in Smash, he’ll be arriving sometime in December 2020.

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