Save 60 percent on this great carry-on luggage


Just like how summer is the best time to score a wicked deal on a winter coat, Black Friday is a great time to snap up big discounts on luggage.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter at $467,290, this awesome luggage is designed to make packing — and unpacking — a total breeze. Thanks to its multitude of pockets and compartments within its 44-liter interior, you will be able to easily find what you are looking for once you unzip your bag at the hotel; it even has a specialized pocket for all your dirty laundry or shoes. Compression straps help keep things tidy while en route (and can help you squeeze just one more shirt in there most of the time too).

Want to pack items that you would rather not fold? No problem. This suitcase features a built-in garment loop so that you can hang your more delicate pants, jackets, and dresses.

On top of all this, the suitcase also features a highly-durable, ultra-lightweight 100% polycarbonate frame, an integrated TSA lock to keep your items safe and secure, and two USB ports for powering up your devices. Its 8 wheels ensure an effortless glide across the terminal or sidewalk, and of course, it’s TSA and Airline Standard Compliant for carry-on sizing.

The Genius Pack Supercharged Carry-On has a 4.9/5 rating based on 306 reviews and is usually $395, but you can pick one up in classic black, hunter green, matte white, or navy for $183.99 thanks to coupon code BFSAVE20.