Roborock Deal: Save $230 Off S6 Robot Vacuum


roborock s6 deal

The Roborock S6 is a dependable choice if you’re looking for a combination robot vacuum and mop. It’s also currently on sale for $230 off, which drops the price down to just $419. The steep discount matches the lowest price we’ve seen on Amazon this year for the Roborock S6, according to CamelCamelCamel. This is a great deal on a robot vacuum that’s fully loaded with features.

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    Save $230 Off Roborock S6 (Now $419)

    roborock s6 deal

    Buy The Roborock S6

    Whether you need general or deep cleaning, Roborock S6 gets the job done. This combination robot vacuum cleaner and mop suctions up debris then mops the surface to make your floors sparkle. It’s also powerful for just about any task with its maximum 2,000Pa suction power. For reference, that’s enough suction power to pick a AA battery up off the floor.

    Despite its powerful operation, you don’t have to worry about disturbing others when you vacuum. The Roborock S6 has a cleaning volume of 67 decibels, which is roughly the same as a typical conversation. There’s even a separate Balanced mode if you need to clean during off-peak hours.

    Adaptive route navigation technology guides the Roborock S6 along the most efficient cleaning routes. Edge optimized cleaning ensures even the most stubborn bits of dirt, dust and debris are picked up as the vacuum goes. This robot vacuum is WiFi-enabled and can be controlled using your smartphone. Once it’s connected with the accompanying app you can use your app and voice commands to control the water flow. You can also summon Siri, Alexa or Google Home to control the vacuum.

    One particularly noteworthy feature is multi-floor mapping, which lets you save various maps and set up No-Go zones to keep the vacuum from wandering into forbidden areas. You can also select specific rooms for cleaning. Regardless of where it’s cleaning, the vacuum’s floating main brush maintains the optimal height for cleaning on different floor types. Roborock S6 automatically increases suction power for maximum effectiveness on carpets and features large wheels to easily drive over thresholds and navigate carpets with ease.

    Roborock S6 runs up to 180 minutes per charge. If you’re cleaning a larger space, the robot vacuum will automatically return to its charging dock when the battery runs low and recharge to 80 percent capacity before picking up where it left off.

    The Roborock S6 Pure Robot Vacuum and Mop is another great choice if you’re looking to clean an entire home. This robot vacuum has a long-range water tank that can mop homes up to 1,610 square feet in a single cleaning session. This Roborock is also WiFi-enabled and works with Apple, Alexa and Siri for voice control. As with the S6, you can choose which rooms you want to clean and save multiple floor maps for future reference.

    If you’re looking for even stronger suction power, upgrade to the Roborock S6 MaxV. This powerful robot vacuum has a maximum suction power of 2,500Pa and also comes with a mopping feature. As with similar Roborock models, this one also features multi-level mapping, No-Go zones and app and voice control.

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