Paid Will Death Reports Prompt Tributes to BandGang Rapper


paid will dead


Paid Will death reports sparked tributes.

Detroit and other rappers are mourning fellow artist Paid Will of BandGang as news of his reported death spread on social media.

We’ve reached out to Detroit police to get confirmation of the death, as well as details about what happened. Their public affairs office hasn’t gotten back to us yet, but we will let you know when they do via an update to this story. The news broke late in the evening of November 30, but it hasn’t been confirmed yet by authorities. A cause of death is also not clear.

But many rappers in the Detroit and U.S. music scene with Paid Will wrote that he had died on his Instagram page on the evening of November 30.

“Damn. Just played this song in a radio mix like last week. RIP,” wrote the band clipping. on Twitter.

The other rappers and fans posted on Paid Will’s most recent Instagram post. It shows him with his head in his hands, and bears the caption, “I can count the money with a blind fold
I can count a hunnit with a blind fold
200 ona dash hard to drive slow
Never been a lick u can try doe
This chain I got on you’ll die foe #NOFAKIN #BR6NXGENERAL.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Other Artists Wrote That Paid Will Had Died

Here are some of the reactions from rappers and others on the Instagram thread.

Trap artist Crash Rarri, who is from Ohio, wrote, “Picc up the phone bro, this shit can’t be true!”

Others commented on that thread that Paid Will had been shot.

Alandise Harris, a basketball player, wrote, “Rest up my G 🙌.”

Neisha Neshae, a Detroit artist, wrote, “🙏🏼🙏🏼RIP.”

Boogz Boogetz, a rapper from New York, wrote, “DETROIT LEGEND SMH RIP.”

Artist Teejayx6 wrote, “Smh rip bro.”

Hittaj3tml wrote, “RIP MY BRO PAID WILL.”

Kiddo Marv, another rapper, wrote, “Damn 🙏🏾.”

Tributes Flooded in From Fans

On Twitter, people expressed shock as word of the death reports spread.

Here are some of those reactions:

“Not paid will bro.”


“paid will died 2020 jus need to end already bruh.”

BandGang Paid Will – Texas (Official Music Video) DIR @ARTBYARTAXA2020-08-18T19:00:11Z

“I’m really sad about Paid Will that really was my dawg.”

“I’m sooooooo sad for Bandgang sht ah never be the same again RIP Paid Will , RIP jizzle.”