Nic Cage to star in ‘profane’ show on history of curse words


One of Hollywood’s most unabashedly off-the-rails actors is unpacking the profane mystery of his madness.

On Wednesday, Netflix announced that it will be premiering a six-episode “History of Swear Words” comedy series starring Nicolas Cage on Jan. 5. “Oh my friends, we are so close now,” Cage, 56, says in a short trailer for the show, in which he passionately paints a suggestive-looking orchid as classical music plays.

“Feast your eyes upon the very house of life and death, the temple of sensuality.”

Each 20-minute episode will offer an “education in expletives: the history lesson you didn’t know you needed,” a press release states. This will be no “Schoolhouse Rock”-equivalent appropriate for children, but a “loud and proudly profane series that explores the origins, pop culture-usage, science and cultural impact of curse words.”

There will be interviews with etymology experts, historians and entertainers to paint a full picture for viewers of the origins behind words including damn, f – – k, s – – t, bitch, d – – k and p – – – y.

The slate of guest stars includes Nick Offerman, Sarah Silverman and Patti Harrison in the celebrity category and cognitive scientist Benjamin Bergen, linguist Anne Charity Hudley and lexicographer Kory Stamper in the expert field.

The release includes long but single paragraph descriptions of Netflix and the production companies behind the series — Funny or Die and B17 Entertainment — as well as an extensive, four-paragraph bio of Cage, including a significant chunk of his lifetime filmography dating from his early career and the fact that he earned a Screen Actor’s Guild Award “for his performance as a suicidal alcoholic in ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ (1995).”

While Cage is relatively composed in the one-minute, eight-second trailer for the show, past highlights of his bats – – t characters have included his over-the-top “Color Out of Space,” performance this year and his off-the-wall acting in 2018’s “Mandy.”