Memphis Garrett’s Ex Dominique Scalise Reacts to Christmas Abbott Relationship


Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott from Big Brother 22


Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott from Big Brother 22

The post-season shenanigans for Big Brother 22 have been far more exciting than the actual season itself. The latest episode in the drama-filled escapades is that houseguests Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott revealed they’re dating — which did not surprise many fans.

We don’t know if Garrett’s now-ex-girlfriend Dominique Scalise was surprised at all or not, but she did issue a pointed statement about their breakup and his new relationship.

Scalise Called Garrett a ‘Glitch’

In a statement to Big Brother Live, Scalise thanked the fans for all the support they offered her and then called Garrett a “glitch in the system.”

“Thanks for all the support,” said Scalise. “I normally date guys who win championships, 5th place on reality TV was just a glitch in the system. Back to my regularly scheduled programming.”

In the Instagram caption, the site added that Scalise “has received a ton of messages of support from BB fans and she appreciates every last one of them. She is ready to move on from this situation and close this chapter of her life. Please continue to be kind to her and respect her privacy.”

Commenters were quick to offer her more support and say that Abbott really did her favor.

“Girl, he did you the best thing for your 2020 ending year,” wrote one. Another added, “Memphis went from a classy lady to a trashy one who will probably run him over.”

Both Garrett and Abbott came into the Big Brother 22 house with significant others — Scalise for Garrett and Abbott was dating some man named Zeb (she would give him shout-outs while in the house). Garrett and Abbott also each have a son. Garrett’s son River is 5 years old. He is from Garrett’s marriage to Ashley Zuppas. Abbott’s son Loyal is 2 years old. She co-parents him with her ex-boyfriend Benjamin Bunn.

Garrett and Abbott Are Ready to Move On

In the Instagram post announcing their relationship, Garrett wrote, “Sometime people come into your life and you know they just belong. We tried to fight it but fate had its own plan. Excited for the future,” to which Abbott responded, “My maniac” with a heart emoji.

On her own Instagram, Abbott wrote, “Love is not found, it’s built.”

Their Big Brother co-stars were quick to offer congratulations. Tyler Crispen wrote, “Yoooooooooo im shook right now but not really.” And they were offered hearts and congratulations posts from Jesse Godderz, Kaycee Clark, Tommy Bracco, Nicole Franzel, Josh Martinez, Meg Maley, Holly Allen, and more. They also got congratulations from Robyn Kass, who is the casting director for Big Brother, to which Abbott replied, “Big thanks to you, girl!”

It’s been a big couple of days for Garrett. He debuted a new relationship and someone leaked his nude photos online. Oh, Big Brother alums! You guys are crazy!

Big Brother 23 will return in the summer of 2021. Until then, we might get a new season of Big Brother Canada this winter/spring and there is talk of a winter edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

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