Kailah Casillas Moved to England to Be With Her Fiance


Kailah Casillas

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Kailah Casillas

Kailah Casillas, star of The Challenge, has been making some major life moves lately, first announcing her engagement to British reality star Sam Bird followed by the news that the couple was buying a home together in the U.K. On August 27, she announced on Instagram: “I’m marrying my favorite person in the world @samrobertbird.”

At the time of the announcement, Casillas had been spending some time in England after leaving the U.S. but it seems she’s set to make a more permanent move to the country. The Real World: Go Big or Go Home cast member responded to a fan who asked if she and Bird had found a place yet and said, “Yes! We should be closing/ moving in SOON. We really want to be in before Christmas but I’m not sure if that’ll happen. Probably shortly after.”

She also said they would be setting up an Instagram for their home DIY and decor updates as Casillas said, “I can’t wait for Sam and I to move into our house so that I can do all of the decorating and renovating and DIYing until my crafting heart is content.” In addition to her major life changes, Casillas has also been busy working on a new podcast which she co-hosts with her fiance, Bird, titled Big DOC Energy where the two discuss various documentaries.

Bird & Casillas Went Public With Their Relationship in January 2020

Bird, who previously appeared on Love Island and Ex on the Beach, and Casillas began dating in January 2020. Casillas explained in a YouTube video that the two first met on social media after a fan alerted her that Bird had been liking a lot of her Instagram photos. She said, “So I DM’d him and literally, that same night, he was like, ‘I’m going to book a trip to see you.’”

On January 17, Bird flew to Florida to see Casillas and they spent several days together, including attending a Miami Heat basketball game. They later flew out to California to spend more time together and Bird eventually confirmed that they were “basically a thing.” Since then, they’ve been bouncing around the U.S. in various spots until they moved to the U.K. at the start of the summer.

Casillas Had a Boyfriend During ‘The Challenge: Total Madness,’ But Had a Brief Fling With Stephen Bear

Casillas will not be appearing on the upcoming season of The Challenge, Double Agents. She appeared on the previous season, The Challenge: Total Madness, and made it to the ninth episode before she was eliminated by Kaycee Clark. Casillas went into the season with a three-year boyfriend, Mikey P, but ended up cheating on him with competitor Stephen Bear.

She spoke about the situation on Twitter on May 20, telling her supporters, “I have been silent on purpose. I’ve declined a lot of interviews, but here’s what I have to say: I was in a relationship that I wasn’t happy in for a lot of reasons, bigger than you’ll ever know. What I did on 35 gave me an escape. Was it the right way? No.”

She added, “I should have dealt in a more respectful manner.” She said she’s since been more independent and got her own apartment and she’s “right where I want to be.”

Bird Is a DJ & Reality Star Who Appeared on Season 4 of ‘Love Island’ in the U.K.

Bird is a DJ and reality star who first appeared on Love Island in the U.K. for its fourth season, which aired in 2018. On the show, Bird coupled up with Georgia Steel and the two continued dating after the show, eventually moving in together. However, the relationship didn’t last and they had a very public breakup, with both parties accusing the other of selling stories to the media. In 2019, Bird and his ex Steel appeared on Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love.

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