Diego Maradona’s Top Ten Greatest Goals




Argentina player Diego Maradona in action during a 1986 FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Peru at the National Stadium on June 23, 1985 in Lima, Peru.

Diego Armando Maradona showed his otherworldly skill on the pitch in some of the most important moments of his career. Many of these changed the history of the game and took it to levels that no one had seen before during that time. These moments cemented his legacy and made him one of, if not, the greatest player to have even played The Beautiful Game.

The Goals Against Gatti

Hugo Orlando Gatti these days is in his mid-70s and has built a reputation of criticizing Leo Messi as one of the panelists on the controversial television show in Spain, El Chiringuito. Yet during his heyday as a footballer, Gatti was the charismatic and ecctentric goalkeeper for Boca Juniors. Prior to a match against Argentinos Juniors, el colorful Gatti spoke about the then 19 year-old and that the he was a “fat kid” that was an “invention of the the media”. Well, that ended well as the young Maradona scored four goals on Gatti on that day.

Easy to say that, he silenced a man that would end up being his teammate just a year later.

El día que el “Gordito” Maradona le tapó la boca al Loco Gatti y le anotó 4 goles09/11/19802017-11-18T04:02:47Z

This one was a work of art against Greece in the 1994 World Cup, it would also end up being his last goal with the Argentine national team. He would then be expelled from the tournament after turning up positive for an illegal substance.

Argentina 4 Grecia 0 (Relato Victor Hugo ) Mundial 1994 Golazo de Diego A MaradonaEl jueves 21 de junio se cumplieron 18 años del último gol que Diego Maradona marcó en un Campeonato del Mundo. Fue para el triunfo de Argentina sobre Grecia por 4 a 0, jugado en Boston, en el primer encuentro del mundial de Estados Unidos ´94. Un relato es narrar lo que está pasando. Este…2012-06-23T14:48:58Z

A Stroke of Genius Against Red Star

In 1982, this goal gave lots of hope to Barcelona fans as he would score one of the best goals of the European Cup that year.

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A Long Distance Header

In the last 80s and early 90s, Serie A was by far the best league in the world. This match pitted the last two champions of Italian football and this bit of genius against what has been labeled the greatest team in history of the game.


The Impossible Goal

This goal had some social context as in 1985, there was a statement that was made by Napoli. The south was to be respected both in league competitions as well as socially. For Maradona, arriving at a team like Napoli was a great challenge and to be able to score a goal and defeat the mighty Juventus led to this team becoming a force in the Italian league.

Maradona: La historia del gol imposibleEl 3 de noviembre de 1985, Diego le daba el triunfo a Napoli ante Juventus, con un tiro libre perfecto e inolvidable. TEXTO: http://www.pasionfulbo.net/especial-maradona-gol-imposible/2019-11-03T11:47:40Z

The Title Winner Against River

The Torneo Metropolitano in 1981 saw Boca Juniors and River Plate fighting for the league title and it would be the “greatest player in the world” defining the league title with a goal that left River’s defenders sprawled on the floor in a 3-0 victory.

Boca 3 River 0 Metropolitano 1981 (Relato Victor Hugo Morales )El gol de Maradona a River en la Bombonera con relato de Victor Hugo Morales2011-11-15T12:18:54Z

In Another Lifetime, This Was The Greatest Goal

Everyone remembers Maradona’s performance against the English, but few remember his one-man wrecking crew performance in the semis. His second goal, if looked at coldly, might be even better than the one we all know.

Argentina 2 Belgica 0 (Relato Victor Hugo) Mundial Mexico 1986 Los goles de MaradonaLos goles de Maradona con relato de Victor Hugo Morales Radio Argentina2014-06-07T13:48:50Z

A Classic Against Real Madrid

Maradona left his mark in Clásicos and everyone remembers what he did in the 1983 Copa Del Rey when Barcelona faced Real Madrid.

MARADONA vs real madrid2011-05-01T15:06:40Z

That goal

The second goal against the English is known as the greatest goal ever. Many have placed it in football lore while some criticize it constantly because of the English (lack of) defending. Yet for Argentines, this goal and being able to beat the England at Azteca was a way to “get back” at them for the Falkland Islands War. More importantly, it was a way to lift the spirits of a country that was still learning to live in democracy after having to deal with an oppressive military regime that saw hundreds of thousands of people disappear due to political dissidence.

Maradona – Gol del siglo (HD)No se olviden Subscribirse!!!!!!!! Maradona Gol del Siglo contra los Ingleses World Cup Mexico 19862014-04-16T20:50:59Z

Bonus goal

Hey, why not? It still counted. It showed street smarts, alertness. He was an artful dodger of sorts on that play.

England forgave him. Well, just not Peter Shilton, who bashed him in his column where he “eulogizes” the former Napoli icon.  Still, we think that at this point, this is something that Shilton should just get over.

Momento Mundial: Diego Armando Maradona y la ‘Mano de Dios’Uno de los momentos mundiales más recordados se produjo con la recordada ‘Mano de Dios’ en México 86. El protagonista fue Diego Armando Maradona que, en el choque entre Argentina e Inglaterra, tocó el balón con la mano para superar al meta inglés Peter Shilton. Con ese gol, los argentinos se pusieron adelante en el…2017-12-27T03:03:58Z

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