Coronavirus Now: COVID-19 Updates for April 17


Confirmed cases of COVID-19 now number nearly 2.2 million round the world, including quite 679,000 cases within the us alone. The us now leads the planet in cases. Once mentioned as novel coronavirus, COVID-19 has disrupted lives across the world , with new cases and deaths occurring a day . you’ll see a breakdown of cases throughout the planet and within the U.S. within the map and chart above.

Below you’ll find an update on the newest news about the coronavirus, including confirmed cases and deaths. the primary section of this text will have the foremost recent news updates. subsequent section will have additional maps you’ll follow for information and statistics.

April 17 News Updates
Idaho Farm making a gift of 2 Million Potatoes

Cranney Farms in Oakley, Idaho is making a gift of two million potatoes because food service demand is lower, CNN reported.

Trump Announces ‘Opening Up America’ Plan
4/16/20: Members of the Coronavirus Task Force Hold a Press BriefingThe White House2020-04-17T02:16:37.000Z

President Donald Trump has announced a three-phase plan for opening up America, Fox News reported. you’ll read the complete document posted to Scribd here. Phase One couldn’t be entered until there was a downward trajectory of influenza-like cases for 14 days, a downward trajectory of documented cases, and hospitals could treat all patients without crisis care, along side having a strong testing program in situ for at-risk healthcare workers.

Phase One would require vulnerable individuals to continue sheltering in situ , maintaining physical distance publicly (though a selected distance isn’t listed), avoiding socializing in groups of 10 or more without physical distancing, minimize non-essential travel and encourage telework. Phase One would require schools and youth activities to remain closed and visiting hospitals and senior facilities would be prohibited. Large venues like sit-down dining, movie theaters, sporting venues, and worship venues could open with physical distancing in situ . Elective surgeries could resume on an outpatient basis, and gymnasiums could open with physical distancing. Bars would stay closed.

Experimental Drug Remdesivir Getting More Attention
The experimental drug Remdesivir is getting more attention and should help patients recover more quickly, CNN reported. Some patients during a clinical test that had severe respiratory symptoms and fever were ready to leave the hospital but every week after they started being treated. The drug didn’t work well against Ebola, but trials are indicating it’d work well against coronaviruses like COVID-19, SARS, and MERS.

Dr. Kathleen Mullane, who’s leading the trial, said during a video: “Most of our patients are severe and most of them are leaving at six days, in order that tells us duration of therapy doesn’t need to be 10 days.”

The drug is being tested in 2,400 severe patients in 152 sites worldwide, and in 1,600 patients with moderate symptoms in 169 sites round the world.

Loan Alternatives After Paycheck Protection Program Ran Out of cash
The money put aside by Congress for the Paycheck Protection Program has been used for business grants, but now that cash is depleted. Until extra money is added to the program, some businesses may have to seem for other loan sources. you’ll see alternative loan programs in Heavy’s story here.

Vaccine Updates

A woman leaves Life Care Center of Kirkland on leap day , 2020, in Kirkland, Washington.

Bill Gates are going to be funding factories which will test seven vaccine candidates to assist mobilize vaccines faster, Business Insider reported in early April. He’s building manufacturing capacity for the seven top vaccines to accelerate the method . He said: “Even though we’ll find yourself picking at the most two of them, we’re getting to fund factories for all seven, with great care that we don’t waste time in serially saying, ‘OK, which vaccine works?’ then building the factory.”

A second potential COVID-19 vaccine is entering Phase 1 clinical human trials, TechCrunch reported in early April. This one is from Inovio and is that the INO-4800 DNA vaccine. Inovio completed Phase 1 trial for an identical DNA vaccine for MERS. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is backing this trial.

WHO says a minimum of 20 vaccines are in development immediately , CNBC reported on March 20. Scientists still say it’d be 18 months for a few . Some vaccine trials are moving faster because of genetic sequencing of COVID-19 from China and other countries.

On March 30, Johnson & Johnson announced that it’ll start human clinical trials for a vaccine in September, with the primary round not being available until early 2021.

A clinical vaccine trial funded by NIH at Kaiser Permanente in Washington began on Monday, March 16. Forty-five people are participating and can receive two doses over a month’s time. Still, officials say this vaccine wouldn’t be widely available for 12-18 months, albeit tests go well. The vaccine candidate code is mRNA-1273. Jennifer Haller was the primary to undertake the new vaccine. you’ll read more about her in Heavy’s story here.

Seattle researchers are recruiting volunteers for a clinical vaccine trial by Moderna, CBS Detroit reported on March 10. The trial launches at the top of April and can last for 14 months but doesn’t require quarantine. Volunteers will receive $1,100.

Israeli scientists have said they’ll be on the brink of a vaccine, The Jerusalem Post reported. Scientists are performing on a vaccine against a bronchial disease that affected poultry. Dr. Chen Katz told The Jerusalem Post that out of luck, that they had chosen a coronavirus because the proof of concept for his or her technology, and therefore the DNA of COVID-19 is extremely similar.

Greffex in Houston features a potential vaccine ready for animal testing. Inovio plans human trials on a coronavirus vaccine in April and could be ready to deliver 1,000,000 doses by the top of the year if the trial’s successful, Yahoo! reported. Reed and therefore the U.S. Army are conducting animal studies since January.

An interactive map from uses an equivalent data from the Johns Hopkins map. The map pulls from WHO, CDC, NHC and Dingxiangyuan sources. This map is updated several times each day . Click any dot on the U.S. map below for more information. you’ll view the complete map here.

The following map of confirmed cases within the U.S. and worldwide was shared by BNO News. you’ll got to zoom into the map to ascertain the cases within the us or cases in other countries across the planet .

Another map sourcing the foremost recent news about the virus are often found here.

If you’re concerned about your symptoms, talk together with your doctor directly .

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