Coronavirus New Update: Daily COVID-19 Updates for March 2, 2020


Confirmed cases of COVID-19 now number at more than 89,000 around the world as of March 2, 2020. Once referred to as novel coronavirus or Wuhan coronavirus, COVID-19 has disrupted lives across the globe, while the CDC is advising Americans to be prepared in case the virus spreads in their communities.

Here’s an update on the latest news about the coronavirus, including confirmed cases and deaths. The first section of this article will have the most recent news updates. The next two sections have maps and statistics on confirmed cases and deaths around the world.

March 2 Updates

A Second Coronavirus Death Was Reported in Washington State

A second person died from COVID-19 in King County and there are now a total of six cases from the Life Care Center as of March 1, Q13 Fox reported. There are 13 cases in the state total, which you can read more about in the last section of this article.

The new cases connected to the Life Care Center include a woman in her 80s with underlying conditions, a woman in her 90s with underlying conditions, a man in his 70s with underlying conditions, and a man in his 70s with underlying conditions who died. Two other cases were confirmed at the Life Care Center of Kirkland on February 29. One is a health care worker in her 40s who is doing well. Another is a resident of the facility who is in her 70s, KIRO 7 reported. She’s in serious condition.

The rehabilitation and nursing center has at least 50 staff and residents displaying possible symptoms. Several firefighters who helped patients at the facility are also being monitored, KING 5 reported. Family are not allowed to visit anyone at the Life Care Center at this time. You can learn more about the Life Care Center in Heavy’s story here.

According to Washington state, 231 people are under public health supervision.

Two Schools in Kent, Washington Are Closed on March 2

Kentwood High School and Covington Elementary are closed in Kent, Washington on Monday, March 2 because of the virus, Q13 Fox reported. A parent of two students had “flu-like symptoms” and tests aren’t back yet, so the schools are being closed out of caution. The parent was at a health care center where other positive cases had been confirmed. The schools will be disinfected.

A USPS Worker Tested Positive

One of the confirmed King County, Washington cases was a USPS employee at the Seattle Network Distribution Center on 9th Ave. in Federal Way, Federal Way Mirror reported. She’s in her 50s and had traveled from South Korea. She’s isolating at home. USPS said in a statement: “The employees at the facility primarily work with automated equipment that sorts packages and bundles of mail. There are no customer interactions at this facility. In consultation with the Seattle and King County Public Health Department, we have been informed the current risk to other employees is low.”

Thousands Sign a Petition to Cancel SXSW in Austin, Texas

Texas has not confirmed any cases of coronavirus outside of people who were evacuated to the state. But a two week festival is schedule to begin in Austin, Texas in mid-March that could bring hundreds of thousands of people to the city. SXSW has said it has no plans to cancel, KVUE reported. So far, more than 13,000 people have signed a petition calling for the event to be canceled.

New York, Florida & Rhode Island Have Cases

A woman in her late 30s has been confirmed to have COVID-19 in New York, MSN reported. She contracted the virus while traveling in Iran. Florida also has two likely cases and Rhode Island has reported a second case.

In Rhode Island, a teenager has a presumptive positive test after traveling to Europe in mid-February, as did a man in his 40s who was on the same trip. Another adult in their 30s is being tested. A total of 38 people were on that trip and are self-isolating at home. Saint Raphael Academy is closed this week. Achievement First’s two campuses will be closed for two days until the third case’s results are known.

Vaccine Updates

Israeli scientists have said they may be close to a vaccine, The Jerusalem Post reported. Scientists have been working on a vaccine against a bronchial disease that affected poultry. Dr. Chen Katz told The Jerusalem Post: “Our basic concept was to develop the technology… The scientific framework for the vaccine is based on a new protein expression vector, which forms and secretes a chimeric soluble protein that delivers the viral antigen into mucosal tissues by self-activated endocytosis, causing the body to form antibodies against the virus.”

He said that just out of luck, they had chosen a coronavirus as the proof of concept for their technology, and the DNA of COVID-19 is very similar. They hope this means they might be able to create a human vaccine soon and begin testing it in clinical trials.

In the U.S., Moderna has shipped a vaccine candidate to begin clinical trials in humans, Daily Mail reported. And Greffex in Houston has a potential vaccine ready for animal testing. During a press conference led by President Donald Trump on February 26, officials said the U.S. was about a year away from a mass-produced vaccine.

COVID-19 Now Has More than 89,000 Confirmed Cases & More than 3,000 Deaths

As of March 2, 89,074 people have been confirmed to have COVID-19 (also known as the Wuhan coronavirus), according to BNO. There have been 3,049 fatalities.

The following map of confirmed cases in the U.S. and worldwide was shared by BNO News. You may need to zoom into the map to see the cases in the United States, which so far number at two, or cases in other countries across the world.


Another map worldwide is being maintained here which tracks confirmed cases and deaths. A mobile version of the map is here. The map pulls from WHO, CDC,  NHC, and Dingxiangyuan sources and is being maintained by people with Note that the “total recovered” number doesn’t account for people who may never have needed to go to the hospital.

Another map sourcing the most recent news about the virus can be found here.

Please consult your local news for the most recent information about virus cases, confirmed or unconfirmed. If you are concerned about your symptoms, talk with your doctor right away.

The CDC has also released a global map of cases around the world, last updated on February 29.


Reported Deaths from the COVID-19

So far, the following deaths have been reported from COVID-19 as of March 2, 2020, according to BNO News.

  • Mainland China – Hubei province (including Wuhan) – at least 2,803 deaths
  • Mainland China – Beijing – 8
  • Mainland China – Guangdong province – 7
  • Mainland China – Henan province – 22
  • Mainland China – Hunan province – 4
  • Mainland China – Shanghai – 3
  • Mainland China – Zhejiang province – 1
  • Mainland China – Other regions – 64
  • Mainland China – Undisclosed – 0

Deaths outside of mainland China:

  • Diamond Princess Cruise Ship – 6
  • France – 2
  • Hong Kong – 2
  • Iran – 54
  • Italy – 34
  • Japan – 6
  • Philippines – 1
  • South Korea – 26
  • Taiwan – 1
  • Thailand – 1
  • United States – 2
  • Australia – 1
  • San Marino – 1

The first man who died outside of China was in the Philippines was 44 and had been admitted to San Lazaro Hospital. He had been admitted to the hospital on January 25, CNN Philippines reported, and he died on February 1. His partner, a 38-year-old woman, was the first confirmed case in the Philippines, PhilStar reported. Both the man and the woman were from Wuhan, China and had arrived via Hong Kong.

An American citizen in Wuhan, China died from the Wuhan coronavirus on February 6, CBS News reported. This is the first American death. The person was 60 years old. The first death within the United States was on February 29, 2020. The patient was a man in his 50s with medical conditions.

Confirmed Cases Across the World

The confirmed international cases outside of China include the following countries, according to BNO News. These are confirmed cases, not deaths, and they are listed in alphabetical order.

  • Diamond Princess Cruise Chip – 705 (10 recovered)
  • Afghanistan – 1 case
  • Algeria – 3 cases
  • Armenia – 1 case
  • Australia – 29 cases (15 recovered)
  • Austria – 14 cases
  • Azerbajian – 3 cases
  • Bahrain – 47 cases
  • Belarus – 1 case
  • Belgium – 2 cases (1 recovered)
  • Brazil – 2 cases
  • Cambodia – 1 case (recovered)
  • Canada – 24 cases (3 recovered)
  • Croatia – 7 cases
  • Czech Republic – 3 cases
  • Denmark – 4 cases
  • Dominican Republic – 1 case
  • Ecuador – 6 cases
  • Egypt – 2 cases (1 recovered)
  • Estonia – 1 case
  • Finland – 6 cases (1 recovered)
  • France – 130 cases (12 recovered)
  • Germany – 130 cases (16 recovered)
  • Georgia – 3 cases
  • Greece – 7 cases
  • Hong Kong – 100 cases (36 recovered)
  • Iceland – 3 cases
  • India – 3 cases (3 recovered)
  • Indonesia – 2 cases
  • Iran – 978 cases (175 recovered)
  • Iraq – 19 cases
  • Ireland – 1 case
  • Israel – 10 cases
  • Italy – 1,694 cases (83 recovered)
  • Japan – 256 cases (32 recovered)
  • Kuwait – 46 cases
  • Lebanon – 10 cases
  • Lithuania – 1 case
  • Luxembourg – 1 case
  • Macau – 10 cases (6 recovered)
  • Malaysia – 29 cases (17 recovered)
  • Mexico –  5 cases
  • Monaco – 1 case
  • Nepal – 1 case (recovered)
  • Netherlands – 10 cases
  • New Zealand – 1 case
  • Nigeria – 1 case
  • North Korea – Unknown (some unconfirmed reports indicated 1 to 7 but it’s not verifiable, BNO noted)
  • North Macedonia – 1 case
  • Norway – 19 cases
  • Oman – 6 cases
  • Pakistan – 4 cases
  • Philippines – 3 cases (2 recovered)
  • Qatar – 3 cases
  • Romania – 3 cases
  • Russia – 2 cases (2 recovered)
  • San Marino – 8 cases
  • Singapore – 106 cases (74 recovered)
  • South Korea – 4,212 cases (26 recovered)
  • Spain – 84 cases (2 recovered)
  • Sri Lanka – 1 case (recovered)
  • Sweden – 14 cases
  • Switzerland – 24 cases (1 of the cases is a Google employee)
  • Taiwan – 40 cases (5 recovered)
  • Thailand – 43 cases (30 recovered)
  • UAE – 21 cases (5 recovered)
  • United Kingdom – 36 cases (8 recovered)
  • U.S. – 87 cases (9 recovered)
  • Vietnam – 16 cases (16 recovered)

At Least 82 Confirmed Cases in the United States

The cases in the United States include at least 38 confirmed cases within the United States that do not include cruise ship or China evacuation cases. There were at least 42 cases from the Diamond Princess cruise ship and three from Wuhan, China.

Here’s a look at some of the confirmed cases in the U.S. that aren’t connected to the cruise ship or the evacuation flights from China.

  • Arizona – 1 case. One case is in Maricopa County, Arizona. The person is a member of the “Arizona State University community” but did not live in school housing, Business Insider reported.  They had recently traveled from Wuhan and they live in Tempe, CBS News reported.
  • California – There are 24 cases from China repatriation flights or the Diamond Princess cruise ship, Axios reported. Here are the other cases, which number at least 11.
    • Santa Clara  County: There are seven cases total in Santa Clara County. Three new cases were identified late on March 1, KRON 4 reported. One case is a woman who was hospitalized with chronic conditions. The sixth and seventh are a husband and wife, both hospitalized, and the husband has chronic conditions. They had traveled to Egypt recently. More details are not being released due to medical privacy laws, KRON 4 reported.
    • Two in Santa Clara were identified on February 28 and 29. The one on February 28 was a 65-year-old patient with chronic conditions that might be a case of community transmission, NBC Bay Area reported. Then on February 29, a fourth case was confirmed in Santa Clara.
    • Santa Clara’s first two cases: ABC 7 reported one case is a man that has been self-isolating since he returned from Wuhan on January 24 and has not been very sick or needed hospitalization. Another case was a woman who was in Wuhan, China, confirmed on February 2, ABC 7 reported.
    • A case was reported in northern California on February 26 from Solano CountyNBC Bay Area reported. This one is being treated in Sacramento County and might be “community transmission.” On February 19, UC Davis Medical Center received the patient but the CDC didn’t test the patient until four days later, USA Today reported.
    • Two cases in San Diego (these were likely cases evacuated from China by the United States, so they may not be counted as total cases “within” the U.S.)
    • Two cases in San Benito County – These involve a husband and wife who are 57 and the husband had traveled to Wuhan, Business Insider reported. They are being treated at a hospital at the University of California and were taken to the hospital after their symptoms worsened.
    • One case in Los Angeles County – The LA individual was a Wuhan resident traveling through the Los Angeles International Airport, heading to China, when he felt sick, Business Insider reported.
    • One case in Orange County – Orange County officials do not believe person-to-person transmission occurred in the county. That person made a full recovery.
    • Humboldt County – A case was confirmed in Humboldt County, Jefferson Public Radio reported on February 23. The person is self-isolating at home and doing well and close contacts are being monitored. A close contact is “indeterminate,” KRCR reported.
    • Sacramento County – A case was confirmed who traveled from China to the U.S. on February 2 and has self-quarantined since, CBS San Francisco reported.
  • Diamond Princess Cruise ship – 39 cases – Including five in Northern California, 11 at the University of Nebraska, and two near Lackland Air Base, CBS San Francisco reported.
  • Florida – 2 cases
    • Two presumptive positive cases are in Florida as of March 1. They are in isolation and the threat to the state is low, officials said. The first case is from Manatee County with no travel history and they are isolated. The second is an adult from Hillsborough County who traveled to Italy. They are isolated.
  • Illinois – 3 cases
    • A third person tested positive in Illinois on February 29 in Cook County, NBC Chicago reported. This person is hospitalized and in isolation. More details on their condition or where they live aren’t yet known.
    • One Illinois case was confirmed on January 24 in Chicago, from a woman who had also recently been in Wuhan. The woman in Chicago is in stable condition at a hospital, CBS DFW reported. Her husband was later diagnosed too, ABC 5 reported. Both are in their 60s. These two were released into home isolation on February 6 and said they’re feeling good, CBS News reported.
  • Massachusetts – 1 case – This case is in Boston, Massachusetts, CBS News reported. The man is in his 20s and had traveled to Wuhan recently. He’s been isolated and will stay there until he’s cleared. His close contacts are being monitored. He’s from Madison and is doing well, CBS News reported.
  • New York – 1 case – A woman in her late 30s was confirmed with the virus after traveling in Iran, MSN reported.  NBC reports the woman is from Manhattan. and she’s isolated in her home. People who were in close contact with her have already been identified.
  • Oregon – 2 cases
    • A second case was identified on March 1 in Washington County and lived with the case announced on February 28. They don’t need medical attention and are isolating at home.
    • One case in Oregon was identified on February 28, 2020. This patient is an employee of Forest Hills Elementary School, KGW News reported. This may also be a case of community spread but is considered “presumptive” until official CDC results come in. Forest Hills is closed through Wednesday for deep cleaning, Oregon Live reported.
  • Rhode Island – 2 cases – Rhode Island has identified two presumptive cases (meaning they tested positive in the state and are awaiting CDC confirmation.) One case is a teenager is traveled to Europe, and a third person who was also on the trip — an adult — is being tested.
  • Texas – No in-state transmissions have been reported. There are six cases confirmed that are now quarantined at the Join Base San Antonio-Lackland, KXAN reported. One was on the China evacuation flight chartered by the State Department and the other five are from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.
  • Washington state – 13 cases
    • A man in his 40s was reported late Sunday. He’s in critical condition, CNN reported.
    • A man in his 50s in Washington State died around February 29, marking the first case of someone in the continental U.S. daying from the virus. He had health conditions and was treated at Evergreen Health in Kirkland.
    • A man in his 70s died on February 29 at EvergreenHealth and is connected to the Life Care Center.  He had underlying conditions, Q13 Fox reported.
    • Three LifeCare Center cases were identified on March 1, all hospitalized with underlying health conditions at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland, Q13 Fox reported. They include a woman in her 90s, a man in his 70s, and a woman in her 80s.
    • A man in his 60s with underlying conditions, in critical but stable condition, was identified on March 1, Q13 Fox reported. He’s in Renton at Valley Medical Center.
    • A man in his 60s with underlying conditions was identified on March 1 at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Q13 Fox reported. He’s in critical condition.
    • Two new cases were confirmed from the Life Care Center Kirkland on February 29. One is a staff member in her 40s who is doing well, and quarantined at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue.
    • Another is a Life Care Kirkland resident in her 70s who is hospitalized in serious condition at EvergreenHealth in Kirkland.
    • A woman from King County tested positive on Friday, February 28, King 5 reported. This woman traveled to South Korea, according to other reports. This is likely the USPS worker, who was identified as being from King County, in her 50s, and recently traveled to South Korea, Federal Way Mirror reported. She works at a distribution center but worked with automated equipment that sorted packages and had no customer interaction.
    • The first confirmed case in the U.S. was on January 21 in Washington state, from a man who had traveled from Wuhan. The man is in his 30s and being treated in Seattle. He was released into isolation and home and says he is continuing to improve, CBS News reported.
    • A student at Jackson High School in Mill Creek is self-quarantining and has a sibling at Gateway Middle School who has not tested positive, Q13 Fox reported.
  • Wisconsin – 1 case in Madison who was tested at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and is isolating at home, Business Insider reported.
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