Barbara Windsor dead: Heartbroken husband leads tributes to iconic actress who ‘brought light to our lives’


Barbara Windsor’s heartbroken husband has led tributes to the star, who has died at the age of 83.

The iconic actress “brought brightness to our lives,” said Scott Mitchell after Dame Barbara passed away on Thursday evening.

Dame Barbara was one of Britain’s most beloved stars and was known for her roles in “EastEnders” and the iconic “Carry On” films.

She died at 8:35 p.m. on Thursday at a London care home after battling dementia, her husband Mr. Mitchell said.

“Myself, her family and friends will remember Barbara with love, a smile and affection for the many years of her love, fun, friendship and brightness she brought to all our lives and the entertainment she gave to so many thousands of others during her career,” he said.

“Barbara’s final weeks were typical of how she lived her life. Full of humour, drama and a fighting spirit until the end.

“It was not the ending that Barbara or anyone else living with this very cruel disease deserve.

“I will always be immensely proud of Barbara’s courage, dignity and generosity dealing with her own illness and still trying to help others by raising awareness for as long as she could.”

A representative for actor Steve McFadden, who plays Dame Barbara’s on-screen son Phil Mitchell, said he was “devastated” by her death.

The Mitchells have been crucial to “EastEnders’” success and longevity and viewers were for years gripped by the drama surrounding the family.

TalkRadio host and Sun columnist Dan Wooten also paid tribute.

“Dame Barbara Windsor. An entertainment icon in every way,” he tweeted.

“A good woman in every way. Will miss your kindness, your laugh, your spirit, your fabulousness and your bravery. The true definition of national treasure. What a loss.”

“Love Island” star Amy Hart described meeting Dame Barbara as an “EastEnders” “obsessed” teenager.

She tweeted: “When I was an ‘Eastenders’ obsessed 12 year old, Barbara Windsor was having dinner in the same hotel as we were at for a wedding.

“She was so so kind and had pictures with all of us kids (and Grandad Harry who still has his photo framed on the wall) a true legend x”

Comedian David Baddiel paid tribute on Twitter, saying: “RIP the very lovely, very funny Barbara Windsor. What a genuine national treasure she was.”

TV presenter Jonathan Ross tweeted: “Barbara Windsor in real life was everything you might have hoped for. So warm, so funny, so kind. Goodnight sweetheart x #BarbaraWindsor”.

Former newsreader Alistair Stewart said: “Dame Barbara Windsor was one of those stars about whom you really don’t need to write “best known for…”.

Blue singer Duncan James paid tribute tweeting: “So sad to hear about Barbara Windsor passing. She was truly a British icon and may she rest in peace.”